How to Create Outcomes

Step 1: Add an Outcome Page

Click Outcome element from the left

Or Drag & Drop the Outcome element from the left to the Drag and Drop Outcome section on the right.


Step 2: Name Outcome Page.

Once the Outcome is successfully added, a pop-up will be displayed. Enter the name of your Outcome.

Step 3: Select the Type of Outcome

When an Outcome page is created by default it is set up as a Mapping type of quiz, however, Score type can be selected here, this action will change how the Outcome page will be displayed based on.

For further information on how to configure a quiz with a Score please refer to the following help article: Scored quizzes​

Step 4: Outcome type

Finally, under Outcome Type, Select Outcome Page or External Redirect. the Outcome Page sends the audience to an internal Outcome Page in and the External Redirect send the audience to any external website.

If Outcome page is selected, click on Edit Outcome Page to Configure the Outcome page, please refer to the following help article about how to configure Outcome pages: How to Create an Outcome Page​

For External Redirect, and any URL to the Redirect Link option.

Once you've made your selection, click Save.

After the Outcome is saved, it will be displayed in the Outcome area of the quiz.

Repeat the process to add more Outcomes page to a quiz.