Configuring Facebook Pixel and Building Audiences

Step 1

Access the Funnel or Survey that will be integrated with Facebook Pixel and access the Configure Page, then click Facebook Pixel from the left-hand side menu bar.



Copy the pixel code from Facebook, toggle on the pixel in, and past it. Please note that if the pixel code is not copied as it is provided by Facebook, the funnel will start generating errors.


Step 3

Toggle on pixel events and choose an event. Assign tags and values for each of the questions or answers that are considered relevant. These criteria will be used to create audiences later.
Please note that events are pre-defined by Facebook and can be used to log conversions, optimize for conversions and build audiences. For questions and answers, we recommend "ViewContent" to track views of a particular piece of content.


Please note that instructions may very since third party apps enhance their interface every now and then.

Step 4

On Facebook, log into audiences and create new ones using the events that have been configured and triggered as people interact with the Survey or Funnel.
  • Click Audiences
  • Create audience
  • Custom audience
  • Website traffic

Step 5

From the dropdown menu, we choose the event according to how the pixel was configured in



Building an audience based on the age event. After choosing the event, then use Refined by Parameter followed by the tag assigned in

Then we set the parameter to Contains or Equals to define the age range, and after that we enter values.

Note that the values are manually entered and finally, you name the audience.