Integrate AWeber directly with

Step 1

Logging into your account and access your account Settings from the top menu bar. Then locate the Integrations option from the left-hand menu to access all available integrations.

Then Drag and drop the AWeber icon to the right. The AWeber window will expand to allow getting the verification code.

Sep 2

Click on the "Generate Verifier Code" button


Step 3

An AWeber registration page will open. Enter your AWeber Username and Password.

Step 4

A Registration Code will be generated. Please copy the code.

Step 5

Enter the code in the AWeber integration window, and click on Save

Note: once the code is verified it will not display, so if you open the AWeber integration again and can't see the code that was just entered, don't worry.

Step 6

Then access to your quiz's Configure Page, click Direct Integration from the left-hand side and the AWeber integration should appear. This will indicate that the integration is ready to be set up. Next simply click the Integrate button.


Step 7

Designate a list where the lead would be added, and assign tags based on how you'd like them to be labeled. Tags can be added to outcomes, questions, and answers, or custom fields.