Setting up Lead Magnet To Webinar Template

To edit the Webinar Page of the Lead Magnet To Webinar template first click the Bucket/Outcome item

The Bucket/Outcome Page has two components:
  • Webinar Page where we set up webinars, date and times
  • Thank You Page where we set up the confirmation page

Editing Webinar Page

There are five components to the Outcome Webinar Page
#1 Counter: When enabled this could help to create a sense of urgency in the audience
# 2 Hero: where we set up webinar times and dates
# 3 Bio: used for description of product, biography or any relevant info
# 4 Bullets: this area could be used to share webinar topics or maybe a list of things required before the webinar date/time
# 5 Footer: This could be used for external links such as privacy, policy, and terms & conditions

The main part of this Outcome Webinar Page is the Hero section. Here, a single webinar can be set up, or one with multiple time options. This is also where the Headline, Body text, backgrounds, etc. can be edited.