Setting up webinars using the webinar registration landing page template

The Lead Capture page is the area were all webinars are set up in bucket. Here the audience will have the opportunity to choose their preference and leave their contact info. It is possible to add more that one Lead Capture page if they are separated in segments, and also add more than one webinar slot if it is going to be managed in one single Lead Capture page.

Once in the builder, choose the webinar provider from the drop down menu. This will bring all available webinars from your account, then proceed to choose the one to be announced from the second drop down menu, along with webinar dates. Once selected click the "Add" button underneath.

Please note that if it is a recurrent webinar, more date/time slots can be added. Simply select one by one from the  drop down menu and click the "Add" button.

Once completed click "Save" at the bottom-left corner.

 The Lead Capture page will look like the example below after set up is complete.