Getting Started with Webinar Templates

How do I find webinar templates in my account?

On the top banner of the page click on Templates. Once in the template section, all the templates available will be displayed.


How do I add a webinar template to my dashboard?

In the Template section, all the templates available will be displayed. Click on the template's "Use" button to begin.

How do I integrate my webinar account with

We recommend reviewing the next articles that are very helpful to integrate Zoom, GoToWebinar, WebinarJam and EverWebinar directly with
  • Zoom: "Integrate Zoom Webinars with"
  • GoToWebinar: "Integrate GoToWebinar with"
  • EverWebinar: "Integrate EverWebinar with"
  • WebinarJam: "Integrate WebinarJam with"

How do I add multiple webinar time slots?

Follow the steps below to add webinar option:
  1. Webinar Provider: Select the Webinar application (E.g Zoom, GoToWebinar, etc)
  2. Choose Webinar: Select the name of the webinar. Note that If there are more than one date and time options for a webinar, a Webinar Date option will display under Choose Webinar. On the contrary, if there is only one date and time option for a webinar, the Webinar Date option will not be displayed.
  3. Webinar Date: Select the date and time of the webinar, then click on Add, this action will add that date and time option to the Webinar page or Lead Capture Page. Follow the previous instructions to add multiple date and time options. Additionally, to remove an option, just click on the trash can button located in front of the option added.

Does it support any language?

Currently the interface only supports the English language, however quizzes are fully customizable, which means that a quiz can be created in any language.

Can attendees add webinars to their calendars?

On the Thank You Page for Webinar quizzes, the ability to add to a Calendar in the scheduled Webinar is available. Enable the "Webinar Schedule" and  "Button" options.

Can I add my own logo, background and images to my webinar template?

Backgrounds can be added in the Design section. On the other hand, Social Proof logos can be added in the Hero Section of the Lead Magnet Page and Webinar Page. Images can also be added to every section in the Build portion of a quiz. Note that the recommend size is 2MB max, and bigger images will generate errors and will not be uploaded.