Enabling GDPR in Bucket.io quizzes

In bucket.io, we've added opt-in checkboxes with customizable text, which includes a date/time stamp to make collecting, tracking, and managing consent in a GDPR-compliant way as straightforward as possible.
In your opt-in, you’ll be able to provide granular notice to prospects before they provide information to you, as well as collect the appropriate consent when they're ready to grant it.
Once prospects submit their information, we will store a copy of the opt-in text notice that they were provided, information about which consent they provided, and the timestamp of the interaction.
Here is how to set it up in bucket.io:

Step 1

From the Configure Page, select General and scroll down to "GDPR compliance" and toggle it on.


Step 2

Write the GDPR consent that will be presented to prospects and click "Save" at the top-right corner.

If a DPA has not being signed yet, please proceed to download a copy here, sign it, and send it back to us by emailing support@bucket.io with the subject: DAP compliance document. Please also include the name of the bucket.io account user (you) and the email address associated to the bucket.io account in the body of the email.