Tagging Segmentation funnel to trigger Campaign using Drip

Tags can be added to Questions and Answers in order to trigger Campaigns in Drip.

Create a tag in Drip

  1. Click on Subscriber, located at the top banner.
  2. Click on Tags, located below the Subscribers title
  3. Then Click on +Add Tags.
  4. Enter a name for the tag and click Add.

Adding tags to Outcomes

Under Tag your Outcomes all the Outcomes created will be displayed with the option to add a Tag.
  1. Click on the drop-down tag menu to display all the tags created in Drip.
  2. Click on the Tag.
  3. Save Changes.

Adding the tag to a Question or Answers

  1. Open the Drip direct integration in the Configure section of a Segmentation funnel, by clicking on Integrate.
  2. Under Tag Questions and Answers, click on Add Question.
  3. Click in the Drop-down to select the Question.
  4. Then the question and the possible answers will display a drop-down option, select the tag that will be appended to that question or answers.
  5. Save Changes 
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