Creating affiliate links using UTM variables in

Before creating an affiliate link you must enable to receive UTM data from any source. This is done at the Configure Page, by toggling on the option "Pass UTM Variables"

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Then make sure the survey of your funnel is published  as a Full Page funnel, we'll need that URL.

As example we will use someone who is running a campaign for Black Friday, this is the survey's published link and we'll use it to built an affiliate link.


An affiliate link has two parts

Building an affiliate link:

 1. After the survey ID ds/f626b4e7 add a question mark (?) which is going to divide the actual link from all components.

2. Right next to the questions mark, you can track by source.

Example: source=facebook, or source=linkedIn, etc.

3. Another way of tracking is by affiliate name or id.

Example: affiliate=002 or affiliate=peterwilliams, etc.

4. Furthermore, tracking can also include campaign names or IDs.

Example:  campaign=blackfriday, or campaign=christmas, etc.

Note : Each variable must be divided by an Ampersand (&)

For instance, an example of affiliate link for a Black Friday would be as follow:

Finally all this variables will create columns at the Responses Page.