Tagging Segmentation funnel to trigger Campaign using Infusionsoft

Tags can be added to Questions and Answers in order to trigger Campaigns in Infusionsoft.

Create a tag in Infusionsoft

  1. Hover over the Infusionsoft logo, located at the top left corner of the screen and click on Settings under the CRM options.
  2. Click on Tags.
  3. Click on Add Tag.
  4. Save the tag(s).

Adding tags to Outcomes

Under Tag your Outcomes all the Outcomes created will be displayed with the option to add a Tag.
  1. Click on the drop-down tag menu to display all the tags created in Infusionsoft.
  2. Click on the Tag.
  3. Save Changes.

Adding the tag to a Question or Answers

  1. Open the Infusionsoft direct integration in the Configure section of a Segmentation funnel, by clicking on Integrate.
  2. Under Tag Questions and Answers, click on Add Question.
  3. Click in the Drop-down to select the Question.
  4. Then the question and the possible answers will display a drop-down option, select the tag that will be appended to that question or answers.
  5. Save Changes