Recommended size of images in

There are different areas of bucket where you can add images to create a better experience for your audience.

Note that images with 2 MB are allowed, though this might delay loading times a bit when it comes to opening quizzes. Here are some recommendations for an optimum experience:
Area MAX Recommended Pixels  Recommended Size
Welcome Page 1920px x 1080px 200 KB
Questions 600px x 340px 200 KB
Choices 300px x 300px 200 KB
Lead Capture/Contact Info. 462px x 612px 200 KB
Outcomes/Thank you page 1920px x 1080px 200 KB
Backgrounds (General) 1920px x 1080px 450 KB
Logo 240px x 60px 120 KB
Meta Info. 1200px x 630px 200 KB