Confirmation Discovery Survey Template Overview

A Confirmation Discovery Survey helps you validate your segmentation approach and confirm your assumptions about existing segments in your market.
We recommend using the Confirmation Discovery Survey to confirm your market segments and validate an existing market demand before rolling out new marketing campaigns or launching new offers.

Once you choose the Confirmation Discovery Survey Template, these elements will be automatically added to your builder.

  • Welcome Page:
This is an optional page used to explain and incentivize prospective customers to start the survey. If you send the Confirmation Survey to your existing email list you might not need this page because your email will play that role.
  • Segmentation question:
This is a "radio button" type question where only one answer can be selected. The question included in this template is designed to confirm segments or "buckets" you've discovered using the Discovery Survey. Normally 3 to 5 answer options works best. This is where you use your market segments.
This question can be customized by editing the text within the brackets to fit your needs. If none of the segments you have identified from your Discovery Survey describe the person taking the survey, they can opt to answer "Other".

If you did not use Discovery Survey to create your buckets, feel free to plug in buckets based on anecdotal evidence and your experience in the industry. Make sure the answers are easy to choose and mutually exclusive. 

ExampleABC Coaching Services wants to confirm that they have 4 distinct segments in their market. Their Segmentation Question is: 
"Based on 4 themes that came up when we asked our best clients for feedback, if you had to choose just one, which best describes your situation?" 
A)  I've just started in my role as an executive and lack confidence  
B)  I'm a CEO of a small business struggling to grow
C) I'm an experienced executive changing careers
D) I'm a C-level executive in large company and I feel stuck
C) Honestly, none of the above really fit 
  • Clarification Question
This is a long form text question seeking a short, open ended response that can be used to identify any other potential segments you might need to cater to.

This question is only shown to people who chose "None of the above really fit" option, using the Skip Logic Functionality of Note: By accessing the Branching Logic screen, you can see that when  that option is selected the Survey Taker is taken to the “Clarification Question” while all other responses are taken to the Thank You Page. Again, the purpose of this question is to get feedback from people who didn't resonate with any of the segmentation options above. It also helps to get the full picture and identify any additional areas that your prospects might be struggling with that you don't have listed.
If you get too many prospects who choose "Other" and respond to the Clarification Question, it means that your segmentation approach might need more work before using it in your promotional campaigns.  

Example: Use simple language to reaffirm you still want their feedback.  "Given that none of the options fit your situation, how would you describe it?"
  • Contact Information Question: 
This includes name, email  and phone information, which are optional questions for Survey Takers to answer. Note: the optional phone number field allows you to potentially call people you would like to interview in person in an effort to gain more in depth information regarding their responses.
  • Thank you page: 
This is a custom page built in that directs the user to the next step. This can be done by confirming survey completion and adding the Call to Action. 
In the case of ABC Coaching Services, it's a webinar registration. If you have a special offer, you can use this this page to intice your survey respondents, which allows you to monetize on the Confirmation Survey. You will also be able to measure the quality of your special offer, especially if it's something new.