Is the Lead Capture or the Contact Info Page Optional?

A Lead Capture page or Contact Information page is intended to gather audience information, and increase the knowledge (and value) of the Audience in question.

Lead Capture/ Contact Info page Components:

NOT required fields, this means that the audience can move onto an Outcome page or Thank You Page without having to provide these pieces of information, they are:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Other
Required field, unless the audience provides this piece of information, they will not be allowed to continue to the end of the funnel, this field is:
  • Email address
This last one is required since is the piece that will use to append tags or responses to specific contacts in your ESP (Email Service Provider). That being said, currently Lead Capture and Contact Info pages are a "must fill in" page before the audience is sent to the Outcome page,Thank You page or Redirect page.