White Screen with a Spinning Orange Circle when Loading

If a white screen with a spinning orange circle is presented when attempting to open a Bucket survey there are two areas to check.

No quiz hosted under a custom domain:

 After verifying a custom domain, a survey must be added to said domain.  When no survey has been added, the domain is "empty", hence the blank screen. 
If you have a custom domain, ensure you have fully configured a survey to that domain.  To read more on configuring your domain, search for articles on "Custom Domain."

Ad-blocker issue:

An ad-blocker is something that will prevent Bucket quizzes from loading since our software attempts to gather user's information such as location, IP address, etc.

Although a browser  will prompt when an adblocker is interfering, it is good to double check and make sure they are disabled, or have an exception created for the survey's domain.