Custom Domain Statuses


When adding a domain or subdomain as a custom domain in Bucket, the system validates that it is pointing to the required Bucket IP address.  
  1. When it is not pointing to Bucket’s IP, the configuration is in a failed status. 
    An online tool, such as can be helpful to confirm the DNS record is pointing to the required IP). 
  2. When it is pointing correctly to Bucket’s IP, a .conf file is created with the configuration of the server required for bucket to display at this domain, and the it is in verifying status.
  3. To avoid system slow-downs, the server configurations are checked and updated every 24 hours.  At this point, the status is changed to verified.

Failed status troubleshooting:


Option 1 mismatch:

Make sure the domain name entered in matches the domain name exactly as it was set up, for instance , if the domain was set up as "" make sure it is not  typed in bucket with https:// or http:// before the actual domain.

Option 2 incorrect IP:

Bucket's IP is not set up, if so, make confirm it is listed as

Option 3 Domain already in use:

if the domain is being used already to host your blog, website, etc. it can not be used to host Bucket quizzes at the same tine, we suggest creating a sub-domain, for instance, if the domain is "" then a sub-domain could be [name of sub-domain].website.come.

Option 4 incorrect A records listed:

if the A record is listed as "" or "quiz" or maybe "survey" as it is in the image


Option 5 TTL issues:

It might be because the domain hosting provider has not approved changes, therefore your domain or custom domain is not yet pointing to Bucket's IP, we suggest checking with your domain hosting provider the estimated time it takes to reflect changes, after it is being confirmed in your DSN, then proceed to click "save & verify" button again in Bucket (it should change to verifying).

Option 6 DSN hindrance:

If cloudflare, make sure the orange cloud next to the IP is turned off (should turn to gray) since it details the communication between the dsn and


Option 7 TTL adjustment needed:

If any other domain hosting provider, make sure the TTL (time to live) is set to the minimum since this will determine the period of time ti will take to validate Bucket's IP

If you need further help, make sure to provide support with the following details to speed the resolution.Contacting Support:

When contacting support for a DSN issue please make sure you include:
  • Screenshot of the domain status in bucket
  • Screenshot of the DNS set up
  • Name of the domain hosting provider
  • Domain or sub-domain name
  • Publish link of the survey (if any has been published using the custom domain)