How to Contact Support

If you are unable to find help in the Knowledge Base, you can always reach out to the community or the team for help!  All of your options can be found in the Support Center,  below the Knowledge Base.

Email Support

Clicking the Email Support link found at the page bottom of the Support Center will open your mail application.  You can also just send an email to

Create A Ticket

Clicking this option in the page bottom of the Support Center will require you to log in with Facebook or create a login.  From here, you can not only create a support ticket, but you can see your entire history of support tickets as well. 

Post a Public Question

You can both ASK and ANSWER of user's questions, and the best answer will be voted to the top, and possibly turned into a Knowledge Article in the future.  This is a new feature, and until the community can support itself, the Bucket Support Team will also be answering questions in this area.  Questions asked here can be seen as search results, also.
 *Note that your credentials will work in  the Support Center with our Spring release.*