Add a Custom Domain

Instead of using one of's domains for publishing your surveys, you can add your own.


Step 1: Access the Custom Domains Section

Click on the Settings tab, as shown here:

On the left-hand side of the screen, click on Custom Domains:

Click on Add a custom domain. 


Step 2: Configuring Your Domain

To configure your domain, you will need to follow these steps on the custom domain page. 
  • Input your custom domain name

  • Complete the following in your 3rd party domain name registrar.
    • Log in as the administrator of your Domain name registrar.
    • ​Access your list of domains.
    • Select the domain you wish to configure and eventually use for your Segmentation Funnels or Discover Surveys in Bucket.
    • Go to your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings.
    • In the Configure section of the A records add the IP address
    • Save your changes.
  • In, check the box indicating all steps have been followed, then Save and Verify. 

Note: It can take between 12 to 24 hours for your DNS settings to propagate across the Internet. Therefore we suggesting returning within 24 hours to verify the status of your custom domain integration.