Create a Zap

Before the Zap Prepare for Integration

Before you continue, be sure to review the previous article in this series to learn: How to Prepare Your Segmentation Funnel for Zapier integration.

Note: the integration attempt will fail at the testing stage if the Segmentation Funnel does not contain at least one lead.

Step 1: Make a Zap!

To start creating a Zap, click on Make a Zap!

Step 2: Name your Zap

It is always a good practice to provide a name to the Zap, which will help to differentiate from other Zaps.

Step 3: Select

Once entered in the Zap configuration, look for in the search bar, and select the logo.


Step 4: Select a Trigger Event

After selecting as the app for this Zap a Choose Trigger Event option will be displayed. In the drop-down select a New Segmentation or New Discover depending on the type of quiz created.

Click on Continue.

Step 5: Choose a Account

Click on Sign in to button.

A new window will be displayed requesting the User API Key, this information can be found in the Account Settings in

Copy the User API Key from the account.

Click on Continue.

Step 6: Select the quiz

From the drop-down, select the name of the quiz for this Zap.

Click on Continue. Then Click on Test & Continue to test the connection with the quiz selected (Optional).

Step 7: Select Second app (ESP)

Search/Select the ESP or Second app where will send the data collected in the

Step 8: Select an Action Event

Click on the Drop-Down and Select the Action Event for the Zap:

Then click on Continue.

Step 9: Log in to the Secondary app

Once the ESP or Secondary app is selected, Zapier request to login into the Secondary app in order to link it with the Zap. if the account is already linked with Zapier, please select it from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Continue.

Step 10: Configure the Zap

The option in the configuration may vary depending on the Secondary app selected. First click on the drop-down for the required field, there select the information from the Test Lead.

In order to link optional fields, please make sure to create the Customs Fields in the Secondary app first, so they can be displayed as optional fields in the Zap, if the Custom Fields are not created yet, take the time to create them and then click on the Refresh Fields button located at the bottom of the configuration (above the Continue button). Then use the drop-down menu for each Optional field to link the related data. Note that Zapier tags are needed in the quiz questions, so Zapier can grab the responses and show them as options in the drop-down menu for each optional field.

Then click on Continue.

Step 11: Summary of the Zap

Once the configuration is finished zapier will display a summary of the data that will pass to create a test the Zap between and teh Secondary app. Click on Test & Continue

Step12: Done!

After the Test, Zapier will show a "Test was successful!" message.

Click on End editing.

Now the Zap is ready to be Turned On