Troubleshooting Zapier Integration Issues

The Top 3 Issues you may face:

  1. Zapier is unable to find your Segmentation Funnel or Discovery Survey. 
  2. Unable to Distinguish Between Zaps
  3. Data sent is not immediately available in your Email Service Provider portal

1. Zapier is unable to find your Segmentation Funnel or Discovery Survey. 

This issue is encountered when you attempt to setup Zapier with a Segmentation Funnel or Discovery Survey that does not have a lead derived from a published survey. 

The error message will look like this after clicking on the Fetch and Continue button:

The Solution

Go back into your Segmentation Funnel or Discovery Survey and click on Publish. 

Copy the link and go through the survey yourself to create a test lead. 

*Note: it is important that you do not complete this step in preview. You must get the link from the Publish section and fill out the survey manually. 

Once you have filled out the test lead information, go back to Zapier and try again by clicking on the Try Again button. It should then look like this: 

2. Unable to Distinguish One Zap from Another

When you create multiple Zaps it is very difficult to distinguish between them when they have all been setup with the default title "My First Zap with app." 

For example: 

The Solution

Rename the Zap to something that will help you distinguish it from others. 

3. Data is not Immediately Available

There are times when data is not immediately seen in your email service provider portal. 

The Solution

Wait up to 30 minutes for the data to start populating. 

In addition to the information contained herein, the following article provides into troubleshooting common problems with Email and Zapier integrations. 

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