Configure Discovery Survey and MailChimp Integration

Step 1: Select Your List 

Select the default list on MailChimp where information from will be sent, and ensure the toggles set to the right next to MailChimp Integration. 

Step 2: Configure the List and Merge Fields in MailChimp

For every data field where you wish to send information from, you will need to create a merge field. This needs to be done within MailChimp via the following steps:
  • Sign in
  • Choose the relevant list

  • Click on Settings, then scroll to List and *|MERGE|* tags:

  • Setup your List and Merge tags page
    Following is an example:


Step 3: Setup the Contact Information to Map to your MailChimp Merge Field Options


Step 4: Set Up Merge Tag Mapping

In this step, you assign question tags to the merge fields created in MailChimp. This means that depending on the response the survey has solicited, a specific tag will be sent.
  • Click on Add Other Mapping

  • Select a question

  • Select the relevant merge tag field
  • Lastly manually enter the text you want the merge field to be filled with when a specific choice is selected.

Step 5. Repeat for each question you want to be configured. 

You can also create additional mappings, should you choose to do so: