How to Create a Lead Capture Page

Step 1: From the navigation bar, select Build.

Step 2: Click the Lead Capture button.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Lead Capture button to the "Drag & drop Lead Capture" area to begin creating this page.

Step 3: Customize your Lead Capture page.

The Lead Capture page will appear. Use the Lead Capture creator on the left to customize your page.

The customization options, with the exception of Button, have a switch (ON by default) that you can toggle to enable or disable the component.


Provide a headline, or title, for your page.


Include a subheadline, or subtitle, if needed.

Image / Video

Include images or video.

Note: Images must be no larger than 444 x 588.

Form Background

Select a background color for your page.

Body Text

Add your text.

Name, Email Address, Phone, and Other

Choose which information to gather about your users, besides their email address.


Name your button.

Sub Body Text

Add copyright information.

Save Page

Click this button to save your changes.

Below is an example of a completed lead capture page.

Note: that currently Lead Captures can not be cloned, as it is posible with Questions and Outcomes.