Integrate Infusionsoft directly with

Infusionsoft is an Email Service Provider or ESP, that can be integrated directly within


Step 1: Setup Infusionsoft as an ESP Integration

Once you are logged into, navigate to Settings. Select Integrations on the left side of the page, then drag the Infusionsoft icon over to the Email Service Providers pane.

When you drag and drop the icon an integration form will appear, which will prompt you for all of the necessary information to link with the ESP account, including inputting your Infusiosoft API key and URL. *Note: when inputting the URL, do not input http:// or https://.

At this point, ensure you save the integration, which will result in a window similar to the following:

Step 2: Configure 

Infusionsoft doesn't incorporate lists like MailChimp. With Infusionsoft, you can create contacts, tag them, and use the tags to segment and manage your contacts

In you can assign multiple Infusionsoft tags for each outcome. 

In the same manner, you can link multiple Infusionsoft tags to questions. Information will then be sent based on the answers given. 

In Infusionsoft you can create custom fields and within you can link your answers with the custom fields.