How to Create a Welcome Page

Step 1: From the navigation bar, select Build.

Step 2: Click the Welcome Page button.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Welcome Page button to the "Drag & drop Welcome Page" area to begin creating this page.

Step 3: Customize your Welcome Page.

The Welcome Page will appear. Use the Welcome Page creator on the left to customize your page.

The customization options, with the exception of Button, have a switch (ON by default) that you can toggle to enable or disable the component.


Provide a headline, or title, for your page.


Include a subheadline, or subtitle, if needed.

Image / Video

Include images or video.

Body Text

Add content below the image or video.


Name your button.

Sub Body Text

Add a URL or a company name.

Save Page

Click this button to save your changes.

Below is an example of a complete Welcome Page.