How to Map Answers to Outcomes

This article assumes that the selected Segmentation Funnel already contains one or more Questions and Outcomes which you would like to link together.  For more information on creating new Segmentation Funnels, Questions, or Outcomes, check out the other Help Center articles in our Segmentation Funnel Collection.

Step 1: Before you begin

Select a Segmentation Funnel and open it in Edit Mode.

Step 2: Open the Outcome Mapping tool

Hover the mouse over the Question that you'd like to map to one or more Outcomes (without clicking). The Outcome Mapping icon should appear as in the image below, then click on the icon to open the Outcome Mapping tool.


Step 3: Connect each Answer to the target Outcome.

Press and hold the plus sign next to each Answer, and then drag your mouse pointer to the empty circle beside the target Outcome. You should now see a dotted line connecting the two together.

Step 4: Apply your changes.

To apply your changes, click the Save button on the bottom-right corner of the page.

Finally, a Save Complete notification should appear to let you know that your changes were applied.