How to Create Outcomes

First you want to Login to your account at

Go to “Segment” in the top navigation

And get started by choosing create a Segmentation Funnel

Choose the Segmentation Funnel Type you want to create from the options:
  • Full Page
  • Button
  • Entry
  • Splash
  • Exit

In this example, we're going to choose Full Page…

Then you want to enter a Name for your Segmentation Funnel in the space provided.

And then click on continue.

Once the Segmentation Funnel Builder loads, one of the first things you need to do is either click on the Outcome element on the left...

Or drag and drop an Outcome element from the left to the Drag and Drop Outcome section on the right.

This provides the destination that your visitors will be directed to after they complete your Segmentation Funnel.

 Once you click or drag an Outcome, it will pop up a form where you can just enter the relevant Outcome name.

Enter the name of your Outcome.

Finally, under Outcome Type, click Outcome Page or External Redirect depending on if you would like to send people to an internal Outcome Page in or redirect them to an external website.

(please visit the Knowledge Base for more information on creating both types of pages).

In this example, we'll be sending people to an Outcome Page in

Once you've made your selection, click Save.

Your Outcome is now saved.

Repeat the process for any additional Outcomes you want to add to your Segmentation Funnel.