How to Set Up a Score-Based Quiz with Multiple Outcome Mapping

First, watch the following video which will guide you through the fundamental steps of setting the survey up.

We’ve also included step by step instruction below. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to support at


Step 1: Setup Your Outcomes

You will need to setup at lease two outcomes. 

For example, in the following funnel, there are three outcomes. 

Each of the outcomes has associated outcome pages. You can have participants either go to a custom page or external link. 

For example, in outcome A, we’ve designated the type as an outcome page:

The resulting page can be customized, as shown here:

On the other hand, if you want to redirect your visitors to an external link, simply input the link as shown below:

Step 2: Setup Your Questions

With each question, you will need to have at least two answers to choose from. 

In this example, we’ve set up the questions to find out which podcast episode is most relevant to the participant. Here is question 1:

At the bottom of the question click on Map Outcome. 

Notice that we correlated the participant’s answers with relevant outcomes:

*Note: The way the scoring works on the most basic level is that whichever lettered answer gets picked the most during the course of the funnel will dictate which outcome page is presented to the user. 

For example, if A is chosen more than B or C, then the outcome page for Shintaro Shimosawa will be displayed. 


Step 3: Incorporating Skip Logic 

If based on a single question you want the participant to “skip” other questions, you can set this up. 

In this example, we’ll incorporate skip logic for those who select Science as the topic that interests them the most. We’ll have them skip to question 3, though you do have the option of having them skip to the end of the funnel with the relevant outcome page or link. 

To do this, choose a question to initiate the skip sequence. Here we’re using question number one. From the drop down on the right choose Branching Logic. 

You can see here that when a participant answers the question with Science, then we have them skip directly to question three.

And that’s it. Please keep in mind that it is not pertinent that you incorporate skip logic into your funnel; we included it here only so that you would know how to do it should you wish to incorporate it.