How to Embed Your Survey in Your Website

Note: for Discovery Funnels, the only embeddable code you can retrieve is for placing a button on your site. This step is explained in this article as well and is identical for Segmentation Funnels and Discovery Surveys alike. 

There are five funnel types that you can choose from when publishing your Segmentation Funnels: Full Page, Button, Exit, Splash, and Entry. 

When you choose Full Page, a link is provided rather than an embeddable code. For the rest of the funnel types, embeddable codes are provided. 

1: Embedding a Button

Once you’ve customized your button as desired, your embed code is ready to be copied. 

A. Copy the Embed Code


B. Paste the code into the appropriate HTML section of your site. 

As an example, we’ve used an online editor to show what this may look like for you. 

The HTML portion: 

The visual result:

2: Embedding an Exit Survey

Copy the code, then place in the appropriate section of your site so that the survey is presented to visitors when they exit your site.  

Once again using an HTML editor, this is an example of how your HTML will translate into your survey being shown on the site:

3: Embedding a Splash or Entry Page

The steps needed to take to embed your Splash or Entry pages are identical to the steps taken to incorporate an Exit survey.