Configure Tab - Basic Settings Fields

Under the Configure tab, it’s important to set up the basic global settings. Namely, it is vital that you properly fill out the meta information section so that your survey title and description properly display in ads or on your website. 

Step 1: Prepare The Copy 

  • Segmentation Funnel Name (this is internal): BUCKET A - Orchids Made Easy
  • Show Progress Bar? Yes
  • Continue button? No
  • Back Button? No
  • Tracking Code? No
  • Meta Information
  • Title: Orchid Care | How to Get Your Orchid to Rebloom & More!
  • Description: When it comes to caring for your orchids, there’s no one size fits all answer. But, if you take a moment to tell me a little bit about your situation, I’ll be able to share the #1 thing you need to do next.
  • Image: Orchid Image (this will help you distinguish this quiz from others) 

Step 2: Put It Into Practice