How to set up a Confirmation DDS with a simple Segmentation funnel

Create a new Segmentation Funnel.

Drag over a Radio Button question and prepare your confirmation question.

Next, you will need 2 potential follow-up questions. One for people who select one of the defined buckets, and another one for people who don’t fit into one of those do that, first create a Long Text question, then go back to the Build screen.

  From there, click on the three dots for Q2 and select “Create Variation”.

Clicking “Create Variation” will give you two linked versions of the same question.

Next, modify the second variation to speak directly to the people who did not fit into one of the original choices.

Click on the 3 dots in Question 1 and select Branching Logic.

Map your first 4 responses to Variation A. Map your 5th response to Variation B.

Finally, click on Save and Publish your funnel!