How to Analyze Segmentation Funnel Data

In the Segment section of, choose the Segmentation Funnel that you would like to gather data from, then click on Analytics:

You can then choose either stats or responses. By default, stats are shown. 

A. Stats
Section 1: High-Level Stats
  • Participants: the number of participants who have started going through the Segmentation Funnel. 
  • Completion: The percentage of those who go through the entire survey and answer the last question. 
  • Opt-in Rate: the percentage of those who have completed the survey and provided contact information. 

Note: Only the sections that contain participant data will be shown here. 

Section 2: Welcome Page Stats

Note: this will be available only if you have a welcome page. 

In this example taken from another segmentation funnel, the number 631 represents the number of views, and 52 represents the number of those who clicked through the welcome page. 

Section 3: Conversion Stats

Following is an example of the conversions section. In this section, you can see how many viewed the question and how many participated.

If your question utilizes radio buttons or checkboxes, then additional analytics will be available via a drop-down.  

Section 4: Contact Information

Here you can see how many participants opted to provide contact information. 

Section 5: Outcome Page Participant Numbers

As shown in the image, here you can see how many Segmentation Funnel participants ended up in each of the outcome segments. 

B. Responses

Under the Responses tab, you will find customer data such as opt-in details, as well as all of the answers provided by your participants. This information can be downloaded as a CSV file.