How to Update Your Billing Information

Step 1: Navigate to Settings.

Click the Settings tab in the navigational menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Locate your billing information.

Select "Manage your plan, credit card, & invoices" from the menu on the left, then locate "Credit/debit card and billing information" in the pane to the right.

Any cards you've saved to your account will be listed here, with the currently active card selected marked as default. You may change the currently active card by selecting another card from the list below.

Step 3: Add a new card.

Click "Add a new credit card" to add a new card to your account.

Enter your full name, email address, billing address, and credit card details into the fields provided, then read the terms of service for your account. You must check the box acknowledging your acceptance of the terms of service before continuing.

If you wish, you may check the box to set this new card as the default card for your account. Alternatively, you may leave this box unchecked to simply keep this card on file, then switch it to the active card in the future by selecting it from the list of cards as described in Step 2.

You're all set!