Plan a Discovery Survey

See how to map out your discovery survey and prepare your questions.

Best practice #1: Use Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software can be useful in laying out the roadmap of what you want the Discovery Survey to look like. Which application you use is not as important as actually using one. For us at, we use Lucid Chart, but there are many to choose from. 

Example of a very basic mind map: 

Primary items to consider incorporating in your Discovery Survey

A. What are your visitors going to get out of taking your survey?

This is vital. If your visitors don’t see how they can benefit from taking your survey, then chances are they won’t take it. Spending time on this one question is pertinent. Wherever your visitors first see your survey, whether it be a landing page, email, or ad, ensure they see value in taking it. 

B. Have at least one open-ended question. 

You may want to have more, but the idea is to at least have one so that the participant feels free to provide as much information as they want, without strict parameters. 

C. Include easy to answer demographic questions.

By asking for things such as age, gender, location, etc., you will be able to better identify your audience segments, and therefore how to best serve them. 

D. Have a Thank you page. 

The participants are giving you a portion of their time by completing the survey. It’s important to thank them for doing so. 

Setting up your mind map does not have to be fancy, it only needs to be practical. This means that if you prefer, you can use a simple text editor or even a white board. This is all about whatever works for you. 

Your mind map doesn't have to be fancy. A simple text editor or even a physical white board will do just fine.

Best Practice #2: Prepare Your Questions

How you craft your questions is vital. As with mind-mapping, you can use the software that works best for you to develop all of the questions you want to include in your Discovery Survey.

We've built out a content preparation document for you to use when building out a new survey, including fields to craft your questions. Click the following link to download the content preparation document.